Q-tron Audio

OTL tube amplifiers with unique design made in Sweden.

Made In Sweden

"Q-tron PA-12 beats them all"

"A tube amplifier that redefines what is possible in a push-pull design."

See review by Dick Olsher in Enjoy the Music

Q-tron Audio Automatic Bias Calibrator
Q-tron Audio Automatic Bias Calibrator A circuit that automatically controls bias and offset in ...
1st of Januari 2020 New distributor for The Netherlands!
We welcome Tubesandrecords as distributor for our products in The Netherlands Tubesandrecords...
13 - 14 October - Vacuum Tube Audio Fair Tokyo, Japan, Good Response
In spite of that the Tokyo area was hit by the worst Hurricane of 60 years with winds up to 70m/s...
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Product Benefits

Lower distortion

Due to our unique driver stage we have been able to reduce distortion by more than 10 times achieving <0.01% at 1W and <0.1% at 10W in our 25W design, (PA12).

Lower noise and hum

By using active noise cancellation we reach a noise level better than 100dBA below max power.

Higher reliability

Our OTL design allows for low idle power and high output power using only few tubes thereby improving reliability. We have not had one tube failure in any customer amplifier in more than 7 years of production, our prototype has been in use since 2004 without power tube replacement.

High performance pre-amplifiers

Our preamplifiers are equipped with a high performance stepped attenuator for volume control that offers excellent channel balance, much better than what is possible using potentiometers, see here for a technical description.

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Read what people think about our products

"The sound is amazing, much better than my previous OTL"


"I have searched many years for the perfect sound and tested many different amplifiers, now I have reached my goal, my journey ends here, I don't need to look further"


"Is the amplifier switched off?, I don't hear any noise or hum"


"... Q-Tron electronics from Sweden, and Horn-Kultur Corneo speakers from Germany, was lovely, really well presented, lovely looking gear and the sound was excellent."

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at the Hifi Deluxe exhibition (2019, Munich)