Q-tron Audio Automatic Bias Calibrator
Aug 22, 2021

Q-tron Audio Automatic Bias Calibrator

A circuit that automatically controls bias and offset in OTL amplifiers and also automatically tune bias when changing power tubes

Q-tron Audio has developed a unique circuit for controlling the real quiescent current and output DC offset in our OTL amplifiers.

The circuit which is based on a microprocessor automatically measure and if necessary adjust quiescent current and output DC offset just before the amplifier is being switched off. The circuit works in the following manner:

When the power switch is pressed to switch off the amplifier the microprocessor circuit will start measuring the quiescent current and output DC offset and adjust those, if necessary, when these values are correct the amplifier will switch off completely. The whole procedure normally takes less than 1 minute even if the bias values need to be adjusted and the values for bias are then stored in a non-volatile memory. Normally the bias values don't need to be adjusted at all and then the amplifier will switch off immediately after measuring current and offset.

To ensure that the amplifier has been thoroughly warmed up and have reached its stable condition when the adjustment is performed, the circuit will only perform calibration if the amplifier has been switched on and operating for at least 30 minutes before it is switched off.

When the amplifier next time is switched on the stored values for bias will be applied.

The circuit will also give an alarm if it is not possible to adjust bias correctly, if so an orange "service" LED is lit, the amplifier can still be used but will not be optimally adjusted.

If any value is completely out of specification even after adjustments, (as in the case that a  tube catastrophically has failed) there will be a red "alarm" LED lit and the amplifier can then not be used for playing music, (the inputs and outputs will be shorted) until the fault has been corrected.

Automatic bias tuning of new power tubes

The bias auto calibrator also automatically set correct operating parameters for new power tubes.

When old power tubes are exchanged for new the owner should set the amplifier in test mode and switch the amplifier on. The amplifier will then heat the amplifier to stable conditions and automatically adjust the bias and offset to correct values, when the amplifier next time is switched on the stored values for bias are applied.

For more details see "Bias Calibrator Technical background

1st of Januari 2020 New distributor for The Netherlands!
Jul 28, 2020

We welcome Tubesandrecords as distributor for our products in The Netherlands


De Oude IJSSEL 10-D


The Netherlands

13 - 14 October - Vacuum Tube Audio Fair Tokyo, Japan, Good Response
Jul 28, 2020
In spite of that the Tokyo area was hit by the worst Hurricane of 60 years with winds up to 70m/s and 1000mm rain in 10 hours it was possible to hold the Vacuum Tube Audio fair 2019. Q-tron Audio made a big success at this event and a big impact with what visitors repeately said was the best sound of all 47 exhibitors. Totally 510 visitors in our room and only very positive comments.
11 October
Jul 28, 2020

Article in the Japanese Audio Magazine "Radio Technology" with front page picture of our PA12B and a very positive and comprehensive 3 page article about Q-tron Audio, PA12B and PRE14B

Magazine Article

13 - 14 October Vacuum Tube Audio Fair Tokyo, Japan
Jul 28, 2020

Qtron-Audio will be presented for first time in Japan at the "Vacuum Tube Audio Fair""Vacuum Tube Audio Fair"

We will show and play on PA12 and PRE14B modified for Japanese 100V mains voltage with C.E.C DAC and speakers from Dali and Quadral.

1 September Distributor in Japan!
Jul 28, 2020
We now have a distributor in Japan, "Q-tron Audio Japan" that will promote and sell all our products, first promotion is at the "Vacuum Tube Audio Fair" 13 -14 Oktober.
28 - 29 September Westdeutschen Hifitage 2019, Bonn
Jul 28, 2020

Qtron Audio / hornkultur and Dr. Axmann (Silvercable and Benchmark) will be exhibited in room 273 on the second floor.

The following products will be on the display:

  • PRE14B
  • PA12B
  • PA34B
  • Hornkultur Cornux and Bicorn loudspeaker
  • Benchmark DA-Converter DAC3HGC
9 - 11 May Hifideluxe 2019 Success!
Jul 27, 2020

810! visitors in 3 days, many of whom came back several times. The large horns from Horn-Kultur and our amplifiers  was an excellent combination.

YouTube video from AV showrooms showing our room at Hifideluxe while we are playing music AV Showrooms video

"Lovely looking gear and the sound was excellent​" favorable comments here from Hifi Pig, (scroll down on page)