PA3B 2x8W

10 times lower distortion than other OTL amplifier thanks to unique driver circuit.

PA3B is an OTL amplifier that is is equipped with 2 6C41C tubes per channel that is driven by the unique driver stage to 8W output power, at 0.5W distortion is as low as 0.01%. Hum and noise have very low values as active noise reduction is used.

PA3 is a low power version of PA12 which is the amplifier that was reviewed by Dick Olsher in Enjoy The Music ("Q-tron PA-12 beats them all") and was described as "A tube amplifier that redefines what is possible in a push-pull design.

The amplifier is built on a large PCB except for critical parts that are built using so called Point to Point, (PtP) technology, ceramic solder supports are used that can withstand 5kV. The chassis is made of 10mm aluminium which gives extraordinary mechanical stability and completely remove vibration induced noise.


Output power 8W in 8 ohm at less than 1% distortion
5W in 4 ohm at less than 1% distortion
Distortion at 0.5W < 0.01%
Frequency response 5 - 150kHz
Power bandwidth 10 - 100kHz
Rise time 0.5us
Hum and noise < -100dBA
Output impedance 1 ohm
Input connectors RCA phono + XLR
Dimensions 430 x 240 x 400 mm, (W x H x D)
Weight 21kg