PRE12B Buffer preamplifier (balanced inputs/output)

All tube buffer preamplifiers with low output impedance and very high transparency, 4 selectable inputs, relay switched volume control built with discrete resistors.

NOTE! all amplifier stage are 100% tube and OTL, no solid state components nor transformers or chokes are used in the audio chain.

Volume and input choice can be controlled by remote.

Advanced stabilised power supply, (anode och heater) give very low levels of hum and noise.

The amplifier is built on 3 PCBs, the chassis is made of 10mm aluminium which gives extraordinary mechanical stability and completely remove vibration induced noise.

PRE12 is a perfect fit with PA12 or PA34 OTL power amplifiers, the low distortion of PA12 and PA34 make it important to put high requirements of the preamplifier, PRE12 fulfills these goals and will not affect the crystal clear sound from PA12 or PA34. PRE12 is of course also a perfect choice in any other case where a very transparent preamplifier is desired.

We use a volume control built with discrete resistors in PRE14. We recognize that there are some good potentiometers available in the market but a discrete resistor base volume control can give better performance than any potentiometer and is impossible to beat. The volume control in PRE14 has 64 positions that are switched using relays with gold plated contacts, channel balance is within +-0.05dB at any volume setting.


Gain -1dB, (0.85 times)
Channel balance ± 0.05dB
Input-impedance 40kohm
Output-impedance 300ohm
Harmonic distortion (THD) <0.001% a 1kHz at 1V output
Frequency response 5 - 100kHz - 1dB
Hum and noise < -100dBA at 1 V output
Volume control 64 steps
Mains voltage 230V ± 10%
Power consumption 100W max
Dimensions 430 x 110 x 370 mm, (W x H x D)
Input connectors Gold plated phono 2 inputs, balanced XLR 2 inputs
Output connectors Gold plated phono 1 output, balanced XLR 1 output
Mains connector IEC320 with integrated power switch and dual fuses
Remote control function Volume level, input channel selection
Tube complement 2 6N6Pi
Weight 11,5 kg